Wrangell Homestead $130,000

Wrangell Homestead     $130,000      

This seven acre parcel includes a 1700 sqft structure.

Located at  mile post 14 of the Edgerton Highway, it features nice views, electricity and on-site septic system.  

This parcel includes both privacy and good natural views. 


Modified post and beam

The framing members were milled from local white spruce.   The studs, joists and rafters are of 4X6 material.



The siding is white spruce installed in vertical board and batten.


There’s plenty of space for garden, out buildings and pets.  Adding acreage up to 19 acres is possible and the cost is $151,000.

Fishing AK (20)


The location of this property offers an another attractive feature. The owner qualifies for  subsistence rights for regional hunting and fishing. 

Guidelines for subsistence hunting and fishing are found at the Federal Subsistence Management Program website:   http://alaska.fws.gov   If you are a sportsman you’ll want to understand these benefits.



Most Alaskans know this means that rural residents get perks, like extended hunting seasons and the right to set up a fish wheel on the Copper River.  Most importantly, it includes the right to hunt in the Wrangell Saint Elias National Park.  Even Alaska residents from all other areas in Alaska are excluded from these privileges.