Tonsina Subdivision

Winter view

Tonsina subdivision is a 62 acre homestead which is divided into 10 lots of about 6 acres each.  The cost of this parcel is $126250.

The property is located at mile post 14 of the Edgerton Highway on the north side of the highway, between the villages of Kenny Lake and Chitina.  It is about 230 miles from Anchorage.

The subdision was recorded in the Chitina Recording District in 2005 as Tonsina Subdivision 2005-5  A partial plat map is included here which shows the entrance from the Edgerton Highway – the subdivision easement is shown on the west boundary by dotted lines.

Tonsina Subdivision plat map

This parcel is actually a subdivision ready for sale.  I surveyed the land and recorded the plat and started construction of the easement  just as the real estate market went flat.  After that I figured it might be just as simple to sell this parcel as one property rather than going through the process of selling individual lots.

If your intention is to buy a 62 acre homestead, it works for that because there are no real estate taxes in the Chitina Recording District.  It is simply a 62 acre property.

But if you wanted to generate some income by selling part of it or share it with family members, that could be done too - and quite easily.  That is because Alaska is a non-lawyer state and so any lot on the subdivision can be legally conveyed to a buyer or family member for a modest recording fee.  There is no disadvantage in the homestead being recorded as 10 lots because there are no real estate taxes in the Chitina Recording District.

Tonsina Subdivision (30)
Mount Blackburn

There is  great variation in views from this land in that vistas from the Wrangell Mountains and the Chugach Range are attainable from different points.  It was a part of the subdivision planning that smaller portions could have their own unique views and privacy as well.




Tonsina Subdivision (40)

There is a derelict cabin that could be saved in the interior of the subdivision and I may take steps to shore it up in the coming year.





There are numerous options for the buyer in considering this property.  The lots can be combined to form many different sized homesteads by negotiating the purchase of a group of lots rather than the whole parcel.  This could have a cretain usefulness in satisfying a buyer’s budget and needs.

The location of this property offers an another attractive feature in that the owner is eligible for subsistence rights for regional hunting and fishing.  Alaska has guidelines for subsistence hunting and fishing and these policies are found at the Federal Subsistence Management Program website:   If you are a sportsman you’ll want to understand these benefits.

Dipnetting in th Chitina Subsistence Fishery

Most Alaskans know this means that the landowner gets all kind of perks, like extended seasons on regional hunting and the right to set up a fish wheel on the Copper River. Most importantly, it includes the right to hunt in the Wrangell Saint Elias National Park. Alaska residents from all other areas in Alaska are excluded from these privileges.

The gallery that matches this homestead on the menu contains photos of this parcel.