Micro-home concept – Alaska land

The micro home concept is trending, but it may seem like nothing more than an attempt to make the Winnebago fashionable, depending on your tastes and attitude. 

I’m not endorsing those towable models that don’t look very aerodynamic but there are real practical benefits in considering a very small floor plan for your initial home in Alaska.

The inserted floor plan is incredibly primitive.  It was draw on excel within minutes but demonstrates all that is needed to arrive at a floor plan in regions that have no restrictions regarding building code or construction inspections.  

The structure is 24 feet by 24 feet which yields total living space of 576 square feet.  The cabinets and counters are calculated to be 2 feet and using that as a yardstick you can see that all the functional passages and living space is very tight.  There’s also not any significant storage.

But, consider the following:  

This structure can be erected and made livable for a fraction of the cost of a traditionally full-size home.

This structure can be far more easily made livable in a single, and very short, Alaska construction season.

It can be modified to provide more space or outdoor living quite easily as my brain-dead drawing has demonstrated.

Just because it’s small it doesn’t have to be shabby.  My modest plan has expansive windows or sliding doors on the south side and massive exposed birch beams overhead throughout.  It will be excessively insulated,  and possess overhangs and patios to link it with the outdoors.  Hey this little theoretical guy already has a king sized bed, full sized appliances a freezer and a wood burner.

Cutting down on your initial structure allows you to by much greater acreage to provide both privacy and subsistence living if you choose to garden or raise livestock.

The beauty of it is that you can match the micro structure to the larger lodge that you may eventually build and call it the guest house.  You’ll be out of the weather and unhurried while building your Alaska dream home.  

I’m setting something like this up on one of the subdivision parcels in the Tanana River subdivision this year.  Made of spruce and birch milled on location, it will have good views of the Alaska range in a setting of complete privacy.  It may be equipped for off-grid utilities.  It will most certainly be strongly connected to the land on which it sits and will allow the buyer the option of participating in the Alaska subsistence lifestyle.

If you’re in Alaska this year visit me there.