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 My properties typically offer good views and are carefully planned to provide privacy.   

Solstice 11:04 PM – Wrangell Mountain Homestead – 2016

   I use logs milled on-site to produce a structure that functions well in the Alaska environment.  Large thermo-pane windows exploit the views and decks provide connection and physical access to the outdoors.   

  I make a sturdy structure with architectural details consistent with the home site and the Alaska lifestyle.  

Old Construction (8)

 The size of most parcels are adequate for any aspect of subsistence agriculture.  Arctic gardening and raising small livestock and fodder is  realistic, simple and quite popular.  


One head of lettuce

Micro home floor plans are a way to reduce expense and construction time to begin to live on your homestead. 

I’m building a micro home on a large parcel this year that will model some off-the-grid systems, arctic gardening and design features to support subsistence living on a casual scale.   That home will support a web page that illustrates the simplicity and appeal of a small home, in a pleasing and private environment.